Whether you believe in them or not, Zodiac signs have always popped up in conversations and can lead to a heated debate. I’d like to finally put an end to this conversation by giving my official ranking of each Zodiac sign from personal experience.


12. Leo

Starting with what seems like a safe option for the worst zodiac sign. I don’t have a lot of Leo friends and I think it’s for the best. I don’t think Leos even need other friends because all they do is think about themselves. It’s “I think, I want, I am”. Well, you know what? I don’t care.

11. Taurus

Now, this is when the controversy starts. Taurus is just the embodiment of sturdy but lazy. There’s nothing wrong with being stable. I wish I could say that for all of the signs on the list. What puts Taurus so low on my list is that I just find it a bit boring. The traits assigned to this sign make me sleepy just thinking about it. Their sign is a bull too which doesn’t add up.

10. Virgo

My recent ex was a Virgo. I actually don’t mind this sign that much. Blame them for this placement.

9. Cancer

Cancer is probably the sign I’ve had the least interaction with. I can name two people in my life who have this sign. From what I gathered, is that y’all get very emotional about nearly everything and as somebody who gets awkward around any emotion, I got to put some distance between us. It’s okay, you can cry it out.

8. Aries

I feel like Aries has a god-complex with a side of anger issues. Most Aries comes off very intimidating to me, but once you actually start to know them, they aren’t that bad. That being said, it’s hard for me to approach this sign so I don’t have a lot of Aries friends. Also, Lady Gaga is an Aries so BONUS POINTS.

7. Scorpio

I have had my fair share of Scorpios. They are everywhere in my life. Both of my parents are Scorpios and I love them very much, but somebody needs to get this sign’s life in check. Scorpios just have so much passion for everything and everyone, that they kind of trip and fall on their actions and words. If they just stopped to take a breath and think before they act the world would be less chaotic. The intention is there just not the execution. Also, not everyone who makes eye contact with you is madly in love with you. I had to say that because I know you were thinking it.

6. Pisces

Surprised this sign made it this far in the ranking? Honestly, me too. Pisces are known as sensitive artists. A little too sensitive, but nonetheless artists and I appreciate how creative Pisces can be. I only wish they’d get out of their heads more often. Also how lame is your symbol. A fish?

5. Gemini

Probably the most controversial ranking on this list, but I said what I said. I have many Gemini’s in my life and I have experienced the high highs and low lows. Yes, they can come off as two-faced, but I see that as being able to adapt very easily to their social and professional environments. I appreciate people who are able to try everything.

4. Capricorn

To me, Capricorn is the underdog of the Zodiac signs. Nobody ever really thinks about them as much as some of the other infamous signs, but Capricorns always give off professional energy. The Capricorns in my life has always been the class presidents and natural-born leaders which is something I naturally drift towards.

3. Sagittarius

This is the party animal sign. Point blank period. It is always a rollercoaster with the sign and most of the time, I’m going along for the ride. There are a few occasional bumps, but the fun outweighs the cons.

2. Aquarius

It’s the Age of Aquarius and we’re all living in it. This is my zodiac sign and while most thought I’d automatically put this at number one, I’m more self-aware than people think. Aquarius are always so chill, aloof and creative. We are constantly living in a daydream and it translates to our work. That is a pro most of the time until it comes to facing harsh moments of reality. That’s where we begin to crack. No sign can be perfect (even though we’re pretty close)

1. Libra

Libras are the main character in this world and we’re all just supporting characters. I feel like it’s so rare to come across a Libra, but when you do, they automatically stand out. They are so unique but carry so much confidence. They like to be social, they’re passionate and they quite simply don’t care about the little things in life. Everybody should strive to be a Libra.

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